The baking industry requires specific equipment for their baked goods. Most of the larger bakeries cannot operate without industrial baking tandoori ovens. They need these as there is always the specific need for the different types of baking.

It is also needed mostly for the larger batches of cakes, pastries and other types of bakes. The decision to buy an industrial tandoori oven would be directed by the products you would bake in your bakery.

The Different types of Tandoori ovens

The different types of tandoori ovens are required for different products. These are:

  1. Convection tandoori ovens are specifically manufactured for loaves of bread and cakes. These tandoori ovens operate with fans on the inside that circulate the heat for even baking. These tandoori ovens are more affordable than most other tandoori oven. They are also much easier to use as they are similar to a normal tandoori oven. If you buy and electrical tandoori oven, you would not need to add a cooker hood as you would with the gas tandoori oven.
  2. For large scale bread or cookie bakes, the rack tandoori oven is more convenient. These tandoori ovens have racks that roll into the tandoori oven to make large batches of bakes. The batches can be stacked and all baked at the same time.
  3. The revolving tandoori oven is also known as the revolution tandoori oven. This allows for more bakes as it revolves for an even bake. It is loaded in front as it rotates. It is especially popular for bagel batches.
  4. If there is need for old techniques and traditional baking, then the stone deck tandoori oven is the best way to go. These tandoori ovens have stone decks that can have more than one chamber to allow for more than one baking item. This is especially good for crispy breads.

Buying the Industrial Baking Tandoori oven

One reason for buying the tandoori oven is that you would want to cut down on time and cost, especially if you are running a bakery. The only thing you need to decide on is what your goals are, the size of the tandoori oven, and for what purpose you need it. It depends on the size of your business and what the footprint of the tandoori oven needs to be.

It would be the best option to purchase your tandoori oven from a manufacturer. This is also to ensure that you have after service care for your product. The manufacturer would also be able to help you with the regulations in your store. They would be able to tell you if you require any hoods or vents.

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As with any product, there are different makes and manufacturers. The choices are many and there is also the option of purchasing used tandoori ovens. Most large bakeries would have the capacity to upgrade their tandoori ovens. This is good news for smaller businesses, as these used industrial tandoori ovens could be bought at lower cost than new ones.

The purchasing of industrial baking tandoori ovens would also depend on the products you are going to bake. For all the different types of bakes there are different types of tandoori ovens. For example, you would need the special tandoori ovens for special breads, danishes, croissants, and different types of pastries.

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